Antique Restored 1935 Zenith Model 825 Walnut Tube Radio Wonderful

Antique Restored 1935 Zenith Model 825 Walnut Tube

Antique restored 1935 zenith model 825 walnut tube radio - wonderful product description this is an exceptional example of zenith's 1935 superheterodyne tube radio model 825. This model was quite a statement piece when it released for those who could spend 50 for a small table radio. I purchased fully restored about 10 years ago and it, and another zenith i have from the same restorer, are two of the best restorations i have ever seen. It was expertly refinished with many layers of lacquer and hand rubbed to a true to the original satin finish.

It plays loud and clear with good sensitivity using the internal antenna. Like all radios of this era, you can pick up additional stations by connecting an external antenna. The radio was electronically restored when i.

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