Art Deco Radios At The Bakelite Museum

Crinoline Robot: Plastic Fantastic: The Bakelite Museum

With so much bakelite in one small space-did it have the distinctive smell? I love small, personal collection museums also-you really get a glimpse into someone's mind.
I don't have the storyline, but here's a scene from a movie that needs to be made:
Drug-fueled orgy at a home of a vintage collector, lots of Bettie look-alikes, etc. Hostess enters with a tray of those itty-bitty bakelite scoops and. ?
I don't know what happens, but those scoops need to be in a movie. Anyone know how to get hold of John Waters?
robot vintage radio jumble

Vintage Radio Jumble

I follow them on Facebook. I think I hunted them down after I think it might have been Flog It or the Antiques road Trip featured them on a TV show.
I used to collect Bakelite when I was a teenager and it was pence at jumbles. My parental home still has the original Bakelite switches and plug sockets fitted. I love the smell. xxx


  • RADIO commented on May 11, 2013 Reply

    Anyone know how to get hold of John Waters?

  • RADIO commented on May 27, 2014 Reply

    A Bakelite Museum?

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