Grant’s Two Other Vintage Wheels, Both Running And Licensed A 1931 Ford Model A


Obsessively buffed and polished in manic detail, antique autos are mobile museums to some drivers, ones that disappear under a veil for seasons at a time in Canada.

But, for a select few antique autos owners, the sun shines pretty much every day on their vintage wheels. Age be damned, some decide from day one to do what many would see as next to impossible: Drive a car nearly a 100-years-old daily.

вњI knew I was going to put a lot of miles on it, so I realized I needed spare parts,вќ he said. вњYou don’t want to be driving a rare car, where parts are not as easy to get.вќ
Unlike more common hot-rodded Model As, Grant's car remains virtually original, only altered with safety modifications such as signal lights, seat belts and halogen headlamps to improve night driving.

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  • Antique Radio Vancouver commented on October 22, 2014 Reply

    Sure, there’s no radio, air conditioning, or heat, but there is one cool feature your average modern econobox won’t have: A pop-out retractable windshield.

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