My Galaxy Dx 2547 Base Station With Astatic Power Mic.And A 17.5′ Solorcon A

OK, I am 31 years old now [when this HubPage was written: now I'm 33 years old.] and when I was 10, I moved from one side of town to the other, I came upon an old CB radio, and when I learned what it was, and what it couldDo, I was hooked.
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My CB "Handle" (code/radio name) was, "Blue Thunder." I enjoyed talking with locals at night and I made a few radio friends.

My uncle was into CB Radio for some time before I stumbled upon it, and he offered to let me use his Antron "Big Stick" antenna, which was over 17 feet long off the ground, and I soon set up my "Base Station " in the garage.

I talked every night in that garage with people on the CB. When it was real cold, I got my Dad's permission to plug in an Electric Heater. I suppose that I could compare it to the amount of time I spend Online and on the Internet ever day, now.
My goal now? Simple: Get people to buy and use CB Radios and re-kindle the CB Revolution!
One of the coolest new Radios that is out there now, is a new CB Radio by COBRA that has Blue-tooth Technology built in and you can use the Radio seamlessly with your Blue tooth Cellphone.
5+ Solorcon A-99 Antenna. I Use an Astatic D-104 Desk Power Mic that I scored off E-bay with a second D-104 Mic, including shipping, for less than $60.00 USD!

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