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Sandile Memela This Is Africa

It is still a rare experience for a simple and ordinary man, especially in the modern African community, to experience genuine love. Of course, men who feel that women love them for what they have and not who they are not in a peculiar situation. When men speak about women and love one can almost hear them say, “The prerequisite for love is material things. You must have a posh car, a plush house, fat bank account and some status.”
I am glad that I am neither a soldier nor a mercenary. Both are instruments of war and destruction. Nobody should ask me to fire machine guns and drop bombs on fellow Africans whose leader came to power through a violent coup and not democratic elections.

With so much media attention on the Oscar Pistorius case, you’d be forgiven for thinking the killing of women by their partners is a rare occurrence in South Africa. It’s not. Are murder victims only newsworthy if they’re white or famous?


  • RADIO commented on August 3, 2014 Reply

    What makes white South Africans want to skip these events, and do they have a moral duty to attend?

  • RADIO commented on August 5, 2015 Reply

    But is that true?

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